5 Reasons Why You Need an Overlocker in Your Life!

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There are 2 types of people in the world as far as I’m concerned, people who don’t have overlockers, and happy people in stretchy clothes. Haha ok maybe it’s not that clean cut but I can genuinely say I have never met anyone who has bought an overlocker(crucially taken the time to work out how to use it) and not LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT. I have put together 5 Reason Why You Need an Overlocker in Your Life and you’ll either agree or be away to buy one after this blog. Here goes…

  1. It’s the most satisfying, super fast and impressive sewing you will ever do.
    Let’s be honest, we’re not exactly known for being time rich these days are we? That’s one of the biggest reasons people either don’t have hobbies at all or hardly have any time to participate in them. Well, the overlocker solves a lot of these problems because of the speed it puts things together. Stretchy fabric projects, feared by many, are actually much easier than non stretch in my humble opinion. Yes stretch fabric can sometimes have a mind of it’s own but with practise you’ll discover a life without zips or buttons! The only reason people REALLY fear stretch fabric is because they’ve been trying to sew it on their normal sewing machine, which is do-able but not ideal and not half as easy!
  2. More than half your wardrobe is stretchy so you SHOULD be sewing with stretch.
    Look at what you’re wearing right now? Unless you’re in Victorian costume you’ll have SOMETHING on that’s got stretch. Probably your top, maybe your trousers, definitely your knickers! We wear stretch every day so why do we shy away from sewing with it? You can make yourself so many amazing daily wearable items. That means way more opportunity for you to be super smug and impressive when someone asks where you got your top from!
  3. A finish so professional no one will believe you made it!
    I’m sure you’ll have seen, overlocking stitches before, they are super neat beautiful stitches. The machine cuts off your raw edge as well as doing a straight stitch and a few super zig zags. These stitches have give so they stretch with the fabric without coming apart or affecting the integrity of the stitch but they can also be used on non stretch fabrics to stop them fraying. Great for clothes and home furnishings!
  4. Not difficult to thread once you know how!
    I know what you’re thinking, “they’re too difficult to thread”. This is a myth! It’s like the kind of thing people say all the time and then everyone else starts saying it and the next thing not only saying it but really truly believing it! It’s just another machine, with a right way to thread. Just like your normal sewing machine which I’m sure was daunting at the start. It’s worth the 15 minutes it takes you to learn to thread it believe me!
  5. They’re not that expensive!
    Yes they do look like fancy machines but the price is very reasonable and the cost per use will be about 10p after the first month haha! Our entry level Elna 664 for example is only £269 for example, and if you’re feeling flush and want a machine that will make you’re sewing peers WEEP WITH JEALOUSLY then you need to check out the Janome Air Thread 2000D. IT.THREADS.ITS.SELF!!

I hope I have argued my case for overlockers effectively here and you’re off to the basket to buy yourself one. They are sewing game-changers, my all time fav machine! ENJOY, and remember to share what you make on yours!

Jenny x

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